• Travel & transfers

    Getting to us is straightforward, details below

    If you're driving then we're easy to find on a map, however if you prefer to use public transport then we recommend the train. The details below show the train stations available for travel from different parts of the country. Once you've got to your destination train station, we will collect you and drop you off at your accommodation. 

    By train



    This is the nearest train station to our base, and easy to collect your group from. On the Settle to Carlisle line, this line is easy to connect with the cities of Leeds or Glasgow, and transfers from other routes at these cities are straight forward.


    Iconic viaduct

    One of the wonders of the Yorkshire Dales is the Ribblehead viaduct, and the station by it Ribblehead is on the Settle to Carlisle line. We can base some of our activities here, if for instance you only had office hours available. Download this itinerary as an example from Leeds.


    Near Kendal

    If you're travelling from Birmingham, Manchester or London, you might connect to here. Although not the closest station, we can arrange to collect your group from here.


    Main line from London

    Probably the fastest way to get North from London the East Coast mainline has fast trains from Kings Cross to Northallerton, passing through York on the way. Collection can be arranged from Northallerton.