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    A little bit more about why I set up YDTB

    Colin Anderson

    Colin Anderson

    Activity co-ordinator

    Previously I worked for the University of Leeds, organising activities at one of their conference centres, facilitating corporate clients like Natwest & The Nuffield Institute, organising team building sessions for them. I then spent 8 years of my working life climbing the ladder at a retail bank, before setting up my own estate agency business in 2007. I then spent the next 5 years involved in the property industry, before deciding to sell and concentrate building a new life in the Yorkshire Dales, where the countryside and people inspire me.


    We really appreciate what a difference it makes taking learning out of the office and into a neutral space. I have trained in the classroom, using PowerPoint, projectors and flip charts, and I can wholeheartedly say that 10 years on from that, I can't remember any of the content of those lessons. What I can remember though is the time I spent outdoors, and the practical lessons I learnt. These are valuable transferable skills that can work in any team or business environment.


    Yorkshire Dales Team Building brings together our knowledge of how organisations function, from the family business to the multinational company, and our love of the outdoors. Designed to empower you and your colleagues, so when you’re back at work, your team is driven & dynamic!


    I will have failed if you don't go back to your work place happier, energised, bonding, and feeling a sense of achievement.